COIL Project Testimony

Over the past three months (March – June 2022), our students who are taking Managerial Accounting course in this semester participated in a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) project. This project aims to unite students in two (or more) countries to enhance understanding of working in global virtual teams and development of intercultural skills. Students are required to work in international teams and to collaborate on assigned tasks.

We asked our students to have a say on their experience in this project. Overall, they are pleased to have the opportunity to work with students from different backgrounds and nationalities. In addition, this project also hones their teamwork and communication skills. Below are the testimonies from several of our students about their experience in the project:

  1. I can learn how to work in group environment that is difference from what I used to handle…. Help me to learn how to communicate better…. Teach us to convey our different ideas and discussing together….
  2. I have received the same opportunity as those who study overseas…. I was encouraged to be brave, communicate effectively, and provide feedback….
  3. I learn to communicate with different types of people…. Improves my soft skill and my English…. They push me to be responsible….
  4. I feel so fortunate to be surrounded by a variety of cultures…. Working and collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds improved my teamwork and communication abilities, that allows me to become a stronger team player…. Effective and timely problem-solving is one of the most essential collaborative benefits when making this project….
  5. The positive aspects that I experience during this international project are the networking aspects and working together aspects…. I learned how different their work processes and was able to experience it myself….
  6. Allows me to get more experience working with people from other countries…. I have learned to understand the significance of allocating different responsibilities….
  7. This project makes group work more interesting…. I learned to be more professional….