Students’ Presentation on GrabForGood #TerusUsaha Akselerator Batch 2 Report

As part of our participation in GrabForGood #TerusUsaha Akselerator Batch 2, we involve our students in this project. Particularly, in Managerial Accounting class, this project is part or their class assignment. For approximately 2.5 weeks, these students worked within their groups to offer solution or improvements to the owners of UMKM (micro, small and medium enterprises) that was assigned to them. At the end of the project, they submitted the project report and present it during the class session. The project scope mainly revolves around cost of goods sold determination and financial statements preparation.

We believe that by exposing our students to real-world projects, they can get a rewarding experience as part of their study here in our program. Not only that they have the opportunity to implement the technical knowledge that they learn in class, but also, they can use this project to hone their soft skills. Among others, they got to practice their communication, teamwork, and time-management skills, some of the highly sought-after skills by employers. This project is an example of teaching and learning activities varieties that we have in our program to prepare our students in becoming future finance professionals.