MARASMI APSARI is a committed lecturer with over 7 years of experience at Indonesia’s fashion institution. Possessing exceptional skill in teaching that promote a stimulating learning environment. Skilled in graphic design, illustration, prints and fashion design. A design professional with Master of Art from Istituto Marangoni London / Manchester Metropolitan University, focused on womenswear.

Q: WHAT  is the word of “fashion” according to you?
A: Fashion is a self expression. its identity and a way to communicate without saying any words.

Q: WHO is your inspiration in fashion?
A: I inspired by many different people but if i have to choose one, i might say Rei Kawakubo.

Q: WHERE did you get your knowledge of fashion beside informal education?
A: I graduated from Istituto Marangoni London and i did several short courses in Central Saint Martin.

Q: WHEN did you decide to become fashion lecturer?
A: I have always look up to my grandmother who used to be a primary school principle so i have always wanted to become a teacher. One day i worked as a fashion editor in a magazine and around that period of time i finally decided to become a lecturer in fashion design.

Q: WHY do you want to be fashion lecturer?

A: In my opinion, it is a privilege to be able to help people and as a lecturer you have the chance to help the student to achieve their dreams. It is even more exciting to become a fashion design lecturer because you might meet lots of interesting and creative mind people.

Q: WHOM do you pursue your passion for fashion?
A: There was this young women, Theresia Alit Widyasari, a late friend of mine that i met in London during study. She had a promising local clothing line back in the early 2000 but sadly passed away from autoimmune disease. She became successful at a very young age and had inspired many people back then.

Q: HOW can you stay inspired?
A: I have always like to meet new people, different culture, watch many different type of movies, listening to any music genre. Sometimes i even taking different routes while doing morning run just to see another point of view. I personally thinks by keeping ourself witnessing many different things in life would help us feels inspired and think creatively.