FIKA JULIA is entrepreneur in fashion of graphics textile brand under hername, Fika Julia is also lectuter for fashion textiles, fashion graphics and promotion and fashion trend forecasting. she was graduated from Birmingham City University with Master of Arts Textile Design.


Q: WHAT is the word of “fashion” according to you?
A: Fashion is about how I express myself in clothing. Bold colors and heavy prints is my fav.

Q: WHO is your inspiration in fashion?
A: Amy winehouse and currently adore Min Ju Kim

Q: WHERE did you get your knowledge of fashion beside informal education?
A: Mostly from social media, I follow designers, brands, and trend forecaster’s account in instagram.

Q: WHEN did you dedice to become fashion lecturer?
A: After I graduate my master degree in 2014

Q: WHY do you want to be fashion lecturer?
A: Because I want to share my knowledge in Textile design for the fashion industries and also I want to keep the newest current trends or issues from students.

Q: WHOM do you pursue your passion for fashion?
A: My parents especially my belated father 😊 he was my number one supporter since i was a kid.

Q: HOW can you stay inspired?
A: By keep doing what i like, drawing and designing pattern/motifs.