Ratna Dewi Paramita, MA
Head of Fashion Program
  • rparamita@binus.edu
  • +62 21 720 3333 / +62 21 720 2222
  • Binus International FX Senayan Campus FX Sudirman Lantai 6 Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Jl. Pintu Satu Senayan No.3, RT.1/RW.3 Jakarta 10270, Indonesia
Ratna Dewi Paramita, MA
Ratna completed her master degree from Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK on Fashion Marketing program. Her role now is as Head of Program for Fashion in School of Computing and Creative Arts (SoCCA). Her interest covers the development on UMKM Fashion sector where she had involved in many projects from the Ministry of Trade in developing the UMKM capacity to increase the export numbers, all around Indonesia, namely, Kupang, Makassar, Bengkulu, Lombok and many other provinces in Indonesia. She also actively teaching in PPEI (Pendidikan Pelatihan Ekspor Indonesia) and became senior designer mentor in IDDC (Indonesian Design Development Center) in 2018 who successfully coached small business enterprise on their business. Her latest work in 2020 was with the Ministry of Creative Economy and Tourism where she became a consultant for modest fashion strategy in Indonesia.   Before teaching in Binus, she experienced working in a retail company in Jakarta as visual merchandiser, and as a freelance designer for TVC Commercial and selebrities. Her other passion is on the jewellery making where she develop a handmade jewellery