Fashion and sport have long been intertwined and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), the French football club nails it on the spotlight. 

Up to today, PSG offers beyond the common football jersey for its twenty-four players and the merchandise kits. Its reputation has long attracted famous actors, models, and influencers to join the hype and not a few come to the Parc des Princes to watch the live match. Moreover, the energy has also attracted brands to involve the club on the runway, like Koche, Manish Arora, and Levi’s. 

PSG x Manish Arora


Like with Manish Arora, the club launched an exclusive collaboration with a more accessible lifestyle pret-a-porter collection merging the astute craftmanship and colourful designs of the designer and the originality of Paris Saint-Germain. In line with the club’s internationalisation strategy, this collection was on sale in China and India. 

In 2021. PSG signed a two-year partnership with the famous Dior in which the house will provide the official wardrobe and will dress up the Parisian club. Surely, the football club continues its foray into the world of fashion and lifestyle. The elegant wardrobe combines the specially designed tones black and navy shades for both the casual and formal outfit. The two outfits share both identity like the embroidered ‘Paris Saint-Germain’ patch and the ‘CD icon’ initials. The range composed of a knitted sweater, a Harrington jacket, Dior Explorer derbies punctuated by the iconic Dior Oblique motif. The formal outfit reflects Dior’s exceptional savoir-faire pairing a cashmere coat, a jacket, a shirt, and a pair of Dior Timeless derbies along with a jacquard tie adorned with a matching ‘Paris Saint-Germain’ logo. 



Not just embracing fashion culture, PSG’s logo is seen literally everywhere. From clothes, face masks, phone cases, to food, the football club gathers more than 100,000,000 fans worldwide, making it a global brand. The club’s logo was also seen on foods when PSG delivered homemade meals to healthcare staff in Parisian hospitals due to sanitary crisis. In addition to their match victories, all these strategies lead them to a more diverse and more accessible club, making PSG is the most followed club of the 21st century in the world. 



PSG Food Truck for Parisian Healthcare Staff