Welcome Back to Campus BINUS @Senayan

After 2 years of BINUSIAN 2024 and 2025 attending online lectures and hybrid learning, now in September 2022, BINUSIAN can finally experience face-to-face learning. Face-to-face learning has officially opened with the Welcome Back to Campus event. This event is celebrated simultaneously in all BINUS UNIVERSITY campuses, starting from BINUS @Senayan, BINUS @Kemanggisan, BINUS @Alam Sutera, BINUS @Bekasi, BINUS @Bandung, BINUS @Malang, and BINUS @Semarang.

This event was very well and enthusiastically welcomed by the BINUSIANs who were finally able to fully experience face-to-face lectures. On the same occasion BINUS @Senayan also launched the campus radio program ‘Brain Wave Radio’ where this program became a place for students to express their creativity. In addition, there are many other activities during the Welcome Back to Camus period that students can participate in such as board games, got talent and also talk about podcasts with the Noice platform.

In the future, it is hoped that BINUSIAN throughout Indonesia can enthusiastically participate in onsite learning.