5 Excellent Things You Need to Know about BINUS International

Since its establishment in 2001, BINUS International has served as a sustainable center for world-class education in Indonesia. It provides a great number of prestigious programs with the cooperation of many respectable universities abroad. Now, two decades later, the programs have become an excellent choice for those seeking academic discovery and skill enhancement in the preparation of global competition.

Learn more about all the outstanding aspects offered by BINUS International, and see for yourself why this university is regarded as one of the best options to plan for your better future.

  1. The Goals

In pursuing innovations and enterprises in the future, BINUS International aims to be a world-class institution of knowledge and academic excellence. All of its programs are designed with international standards in mind. As a result, they are delivered in the forms of high-quality education, soft skills development, as well as enrichment of cultural values that students need to compete globally.

To achieve such goals, BINUS International continuously concentrates its efforts on meeting the expectations of global stakeholders. At the same time, the university also builds educational partnerships and develops corporate connections with other respectable institutions across the globe with the expectation of gaining international recognition.

  1. The Curriculum

Expecting the graduates to have an advanced mindset and professional skills in their related fields, BINUS International applies a hybrid-modular curriculum that puts the students at the center of the learning process. This curriculum encourages them to solve problems on their own through a process of self-discovery instead of relying solely on textbook learning. Therefore, students will be ready to face any real-life challenges once they graduate.

In addition, due to the implementation of a hybrid-modular curriculum, the graduates of BINUS International will acquire learning and a work culture to think forward into the future. When it is time for them to pursue a particular career path, they will be granted advanced qualifications – regardless of their positions in corporate or entrepreneurial fields.

  1. Partner Universities

There are more than 70 partner universities around the world.

One of the primary missions of BINUS International in achieving the recognition as a world-class university is to build partnerships with other universities around the world. With the aim of fulfilling the needs of each program, the university partners are chosen according to the program requirements.

  1. Double Degree Programs

Another great thing about studying at BINUS International is its Double Degree programs. Those joining these programs are given an incredible opportunity to enroll in two majors at the same time. Therefore, they can graduate with two degrees: one national degree from BINUS INTERNATIONAL and an international degree from a partner university for that particular program.

  1. Experience Abroad

BINUS International is not only partnered with outstanding universities around the world but it also provides students with the chance to have the same experience of studying abroad. In this regard, there are two available programs to choose from: a study abroad program for 1-2 semesters and a student exchange program, which is conducted under a reciprocal scheme.

With those excellent aspects in hand, it is not difficult for BINUS International to achieve its main vision: to become “a world-class knowledge institution in continuous pursuit of innovation and enterprise”. You can also partake in an incredible educational journey with this university by making it your choice of an academic path. That way, you will be ready to face global challenges in the future with balanced qualifications of knowledge, skills, and experience.