Graduate with Two Degrees from BINUS International Double Degree Program

To facilitate the needs of prospective students who are interested in studying on two majors at once, BINUS International offers a Double Degree program. There are many advantages students can gain during the program.

Complete two programs in a regular time

The Double Degree program at BINUS International is a program that allows students to complete two study programs in two different universities. However, the time is relatively short since the program operates at a regular time. That being said, in a relatively shorter time, students will be able to graduate with two degrees from two different universities. Furthermore, the Double Degree program at BINUS International also provides an opportunity for students to study in two majors. Depending on each preference, students are allowed to choose two common or different majors.

Opportunity to study at a partner university

If you enroll at the BINUS International’s Double Degree program, you will not only graduate with a degree from BINUS, but also from a foreign university that has partnered with BINUS International. So, after studying for a few semesters at BINUS International, students will go to partner university to study for 2-4 semesters. As long as students can complete all of their semester credits, they will still graduate on time. To help students graduate with double degrees, BINUS International partners with several foreign universities in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany, Holland, China, South Korea, and France.

Expand your network internationally

Studying aboard gives students many promising opportunities. One of which is to expand the network internationally. Students can build new friendships with many international students and exchange contacts. Not to mention that there may also be many students from other countries who are studying at the chosen partner university. The more people with diverse backgrounds that students are going to meet, their hard skills and soft skills will be improved.

More knowledge of other countries’ cultures 

Studying aboard will surely improve students’ knowledge. This also involves knowledge students are going to learn outside the classroom. Studying abroad means students will be required to adapt to the habits of local people. It allows them to learn a lot about the local culture.

Moreover, they will also meet many students from other countries. Through conversations, students can have a more open mind. After completing study at BINUS International’s Double Degree program, student’s knowledge will be far richer with not only scientific knowledge but also life lessons.

Scientific knowledge continues to develop over time. One of the many ways to keep up is learning as much as possible. Through the Double Degree program, BINUS International is eager to help students achieve that. There will be many obstacles ahead, but these are what make a student grow. Visit BINUS International at Jl. Hang Lekir 1 No. 6, Senayan, Jakarta to get more information about BINUS International’s Double Degree program!