Developing Future Analysts and Strategists with Innovative Finance Strategies through Finance (International Program)

BINUS INTERNATIONAL recently introduced a new Finance Program under the Faculty of Economics and Communication, the Finance Program (International Program). This new international program was designed to cater to the challenges of the evolving skills and educational needs for global (or cross-border) finance professionals and FinTech start-up owners in the era of Digital Revolution 4.0.

Held on Saturday, 3 August 2019, at the BINUS JWC Campus, Senayan, the launching of the Finance Program (International Program) was opened with an industry insight session with Triyono Gani (Executive Director of the Financial Innovation Group OJK), Tony Costa (Senior Advisor of the Gunung Sewu Group), Melisa Irene (International Accounting & Finance alumna, partner of East Ventures), and Valencia Dea (International Accounting & Finance alumna, Investment Manager of Circulate Capital). In this industry insight session, the speakers discussed several issues in the financial industry, including the importance of investment awareness and the rapid emergence of FinTech companies.

Yen Sun, the Head of the Finance Program (International Program), said that the quality of education has become a key enabler in having a successful career and reaching a higher-level position in the financial industry. Therefore, with the tagline “Invent Financial Solutions”, the Finance Program (International Program) will provide its students with skills and knowledge in innovative finance strategies.

This program aims to develop future financial analysts and strategists who are able to design and consult cutting edge business financial solutions in digital ecosystems. Future graduates are also developed to be able to create innovative finance strategies for business creations and financial solutions with data analytics.

Furthermore, the double degree program at BINUS INTERNATIONAL will provide a unique position for the graduates as they can combine their local knowledge with cutting-edge knowledge from the global education institution.

Triyono Gani said that higher learning institutes need to actively keep abreast of the times and improve themselves to support the growth of the financial industry. “Higher learning institutes in Indonesia should always stay relevant with the current developments in the job market and bolster their active participation and collaborations with the regulators and the industry. We foresee the program to play a critical role in supplying high-quality finance professionals that will stimulate the growth of the financial industry in Indonesia,” said Triyono.

The Finance Program (International Program) is accepting applications from students who want to start as early as the summer 2019 term, where they can combine a national degree with international degree qualifications from one of our top partner universities, including the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia, Victoria University of Wellington (VUW) in New Zealand, and Cologne Business School (CBS) in Germany. This program offers three streams: FinTech & Banking, Applied Finance, and Strategic Finance.

“We are committed to play important roles and stay updated with the needs of the financial industry and its development. Our institution is renowned for its research and professional contributions that foster innovation in the financial industry,” said Gatot Soepriyanto, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Communication of BINUS UNIVERSITY.