BINUS UNIVERSITY Brings Forth 75 New World-Class Mobile App Developers

In the midst of the current rapid technological development which results in massive disruption in business and industry, more and more technology and digital companies expand their business to Indonesia, either they are startups, fintech, or e-commerce.

This opportunity certainly will create a significant impact on the demand for human resources. Michael Page Indonesia, a professional recruitment consulting firm, there is a 60% surge of demand for workforces in the technology and digital company in March 2016 – April 2017. The number was predicted to keep increasing along with the growth of technology and the digital industry.

Therefore, it takes the role and support from the higher educational institution to meet the high demand. Nowadays, universities need to prepare students and graduates with innovative, adaptive, and competitive knowledge as the main concept of competitive advantages and national development in Industry 4.0.

To face this challenge, BINUS UNIVERSITY through a collaborative program with APPLE launched the Apple Developer Academy @BINUS. This program is the first initiative in Southeast Asia and the third in the world to empower Indonesia economy by producing world-class developers to build the most innovative and dynamic application ecosystem.

The Apple Developer Academy @BINUS aims to challenge and inspire the students through various approaches in teaching and learning. Since it was established in March 2018, Apple Developer Academy @BINUS has brought forth 165 world-class developers, and more than 70 of them are BINUS UNIVERSITY students.

In the future, BINUS UNIVERSITY commits to keeping bringing forth high-skilled and capable through the 3+1 Program. The 3+1 Program is a program that gives an opportunity for all sixth-semester students to experience working in the outside of the campus world. The Apple Developer Academy @BINUS itself is one of the 3+1 Program offered by BINUS UNIVERSITY.

The existence of the Apple Developer Academy @BINUS surely will support and develop the digital-based economy in Indonesia. Moreover, this program also supports the “1.000 Startups” campaign that was initiated by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Indonesia. Through this campaign, the government aims to create 1.000 startups by 2020 to put Indonesia in the position as the country with the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia.