International Exchange Students Expect Indonesia as a Place for Improving and Exploring

BINUS UNIVERSITY held an Orientation for International Exchange Students for Fall Semester 2016 this Thursday (9/15). There are seventy six students from fifteen different countries that participated in International Exchange Program at this opportunity. This orientation aims not only for welcoming the student but also explaining about academic & operation, brief on Indonesian culture, and sharing session from each student about their country and personal identity.

During the orientation session, the international students enthusiastically paid attention for the explanation mostly about Indonesian culture. They would love to explore and experience of living the daily life in Indonesia especially Jakarta. A female student from Netherlands, Yara Suzanna Schotpoort from HAN University of Applied Sciences majoring Communications feel so excited to start her study in a big city like Jakarta. She also fond of learning Bahasa since her mother actually came from Semarang, Central Java, “I’m very excited about Jakarta because I come from a small village and I really like to live in a big city.” She also stated that having experiences to study in BINUS is such a great chance, “BINUS is a well-organized and comfortable university and I find it very professional to study here” she explained with a big smile.

Another student from Netherlands, Geoffrey Gerardus from Fontys – Academy for Creative Industries and Tobias Kiwitz from Saxion University of Applied Sciences also feels so glad to be here. They assume that studying in BINUS UNIVERSITY is pretty impressive because of the modern and well-designed building and facility. “It’s a good experience so far, we didn’t even start the class yet, but we’re feeling really good” stated Geoffrey.  They also shared their opinion about how they love Jakarta and get used to the traffic, “I don’t really care that much, because I know that’s a part of Jakarta and we already expect that” said Tobias.

Their expectations about joining this program are to get to know and learn precious culture from Indonesia and the people. They hope they can integrate to the different culture in the good way. “Learn to treat people in different culture, to understand what to do and what not to do, what’s polite and impolite, stuff like that” stated Tobias. Moreover, Geoffrey and Tobias have booked their flight to Sumatera for Sumatera tour in a week to enjoy and explore about the culture. Besides, Yara wishes that she can improve and develop her personality as communication professional through insight and angles of others. (NDA)