A Guest Lecture on the Computer Science program with PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia

A guest lecture on the Computer Science program took place at BINUS INTERNATIONAL on May 22, in cooperation with PT Synnex Metrodata Indonesia. The lecture, held at the JWC campus, focused on cloud computing as the day’s main topic.

The event was attended by around thirty Computer Science students as well as a number of students from other courses. The deputy head of the program, Jude Martinez delivered the opening speech. Representing the university, Jude said that he appreciated the opportunity to develop his students’ knowledge within the world of information technology, particularly in cloud computing, coming directly from practitioners.

“From this event, students can get the advantage of learning more about cloud computing developments. Cloud computing technology is more increasingly used. That is why students must know about this new technology,” said Jude.

The main lecture featured ‘Windows Azure’, Microsoft’s cloud-based computing platform, and was introduced by Microsoft’s Business Development Manager, Julius Fenata. He took the opportunity to share his knowledge and experiences of utilizing cloud computing within various industries. Having years of experience as an IT practitioner, Julius revealed many anecdotes to students that attended his session.

Cloud computing is a combination of servers that are connected to each other, making their performance as a group of servers increase compared to an ordinary single server. The word cloud is a crude metaphor for the Internet.

During his presentation, Julius explained how crucial the role of cloud computing is in the midst of intense competition within industries today: “Companies are required to implement an efficient and effective IT strategy. Cloud computing can respond to the issue of competition. Not only does it saves costs, but this kind of technology also enables companies to execute dynamic scenarios more freely, based on market conditions,” explained Julius.

Furthermore Julius said that not only is this technology efficient in cost, but also is able to adapt to industry’s needs and conditions that can change from time to time. The implementation of cloud computing technology allows companies to run policy scenarios that may be needed. There have been a number of operating systems available that offer supporting facilities for helping companies run such scenarios, such as Windows Azure.