Refresh the Mind and Embrace Solidarity with Kampoeng Bamboe Weekend Trip

BINUS INTERNATIONAL held a weekend trip to ‘Kampoeng Bamboe’, in Bogor, West Java. The trip was facilitated by International Office as part of a student exchange program.The 2-day event, from May 10 – 11, was attended by 12 exchange students. Nine local students were also involved in the Trip.

Linda Bong, Student Mobility and Advisory Coordinator in Binus International Office, stated that the Weekend Trip was to promote the culture and environment of Indonesia to the exchange students. She hoped that this event would be an interesting and fulfilling weekend for the students.

“We took them to the countryside so they could experience a different atmosphere and surroundings. Moreover, this event also tried to make the exchange and local students bond with each other,” said Linda.

The sense of getting close with nature was apparent. The participants were very enthusiastic from the very first day of the outbound course. Lots of games, such as ‘Taman Sesat’ (exploring the labyrinth), ‘Benteng’ (attack and defense); ‘Bola Tangan di Lumpur’ (mud hand ball) to ‘Perang Bantal’ (pillow fight), involved all of the participants.

Despite being covered with dirt and sweat, the students looked happy to play games that were uncommon back in their hometown. On the second day, the students did some outdoor activities, such as water rafting. Some were enthusiastic, while others were worried about their first experience of water rafting.

Feeling excited yet anxious, the students boarded the boat. There were three boats for the students and International Office staff to venture through the rocks and river streams. As they were doing the water rafting, their anxiety disappeared as they went along for seven kilometers.

Sanga Sipahelut, a student from the Netherlands, said that she was worried when she started to go down the river because this was her first time. “It turned out to be really fun. I really loved this. I screamed and laughed as loud as I could. What I couldn’t forget was when I jumped off a bridge that crossed the river” added the Ambonese–Flores descendant.

Jero, a 21 year-old Finnish student, said that it was a memorable rafting experience in Bogor. “The river was quite challenging and it was a bit different from the one I had experienced before.” (RAW)