Gathering for BINUS JWC Senayan

Having a place that we call home, someplace we can always go to. Having someone to love is indeed, a family of itself. To have both is a blessing. The statement from Donna Hedges reflects the enthusiasm of participants in the gathering event organized by and for the big family of BINUS JWC Senayan in Monday, August 19, 2013.

The annual event was attended by more than just the big family of BINUS JWC Senayan. Also present was representatives of top management from BINUS UNIVERSITY, such as Iman Herwidiana Kartowisastro, Ph.D as Vice Rector I – Academic Development, Drs. Andreas Chang, MBA as Vice Rector III – Student Affairs & Community Development and Dr. Ir. Boto Simatupang, MBP as Vice Rector IV – Collaboration & Institutional Development.

The purpose of the event, which lasted for two hours, is more than just introducing everyone and improving cooperation. Another purpose of the event is to improve the intensity of communication and family-like atmosphere. We can see this in the presence of BINUSIAN who have formerly joined BINUS JWC, such as Irham Dilmy as the former Program Director MM Executive and Tengku Nathan Machmud as the former Director of JWC.

”The event is the final part of our events during the holy month of Ramadan 1434 H. As we all know, before this we also organize a communal breakfasting event and social event for orphans. Of course, with this event, i hope BINUS JWC Senayan can still be our home. This way, i believe that our relationship will continue in the future. For example, we can still see Mr Irham Dilmy and Tengku Nathan Machmud here, and i am delighted because even though formally they are no longer BINUSIAN, they still consider BINUS JWC Syahdan as their home,” explained Burhanudin, head Committee of Gathering 2013. (Karunia Fransiska)