More about BINUS International at BI Day

BINUS UNIVERSITY organized BINUS International Day to introduce various studies and programs to future students and to provide information about talents and interests for future students and their parents. The event was held at the Joseph Wibowo Center Building, Senayan, Jakarta, on Sunday (24/2).

In this event, there was a seminar about talents and interests, with Sulung Landung and Minaldi Loeis, M.Sc., MM, MBA as speakers. Future students were informed about how to choose your passion and their parents were informed about international education, tightly related to the future career, and educational savings.

“A good university is one which can support their students so they can continue in international-scaled business even before these students graduate from university,” explained Executive Dean of BINUS INTERNATIONAL, Firdaus Alamsjah, Ph.D.

Meanwhile, Lidwina Hananto, financial planner from QM Financial, explained that saving money for educational purposes is actually quite simple. “If you want a good education, you will need quite a lot of money. However, if you save Rp 10 thousand per day, and you start early, you will get enough funds for your children in the future,” said Lidwina.

Binus International Day was organized alongside BIJAC’s Tanjoiwai CosUta Matsuri which was organized from Saturday (23/02) until Sunday (24/02). In the BIJAC event, there was a Karaoke Competition, a Cosplay competition, Band performances, a Food and Toys Bazaar, an Obake house and a Kawaian maid café. (BM/YD)