Indonesian Heroes Character Design Competition

90 young comic writers from Jakarta participated on the National character design competition themed ‘Your Fantasy of Indonesian Heroes’, on Saturday (29/9). The event took place at the Joseph Wibowo Center. In the competition organized by Faber-Castell, the participants designed new animation characters by adapting legendary folklore characters.

“With this competition, Faber-Castell is trying to urge the creativity of young comic writers in Indonesia, and introducing new animation characters,” explained the Brand Manager PT Faber-Castell International Indonesia Fransiska Remila.

Fransiska explained the criteria for the characters. The character should be a comic or animation character, superhero, mascot or cartoon, adaptation of folklore character or interpretation of superhero in our daily lives. The character must also have Indonesian elements, such as Indonesian traditions, habits, environment, language or local phenomena.

Meanwhile, the characters were judged based on their originality, drawing technique, characters and the relevance between the character and theme and between the character with the design concept.

In the competition which took place at JWC, the judges chose three winners: Shirley Simabrata (first place), Leon Marcello Sutanudjaja (second) and Ibrahim Indra Baskara (third).

“They won because they managed to combine the concept and visualization while maintaining the elements of Indonesian culture,” explained the judge of the competition, Beng Rahadian.

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