The First Award for Leaders in Tourism

April 04 , 2012

Indonesian Travel Business Leader Awards 2012.

Tourism is one of the leading commodities generating Indonesia’s foreign-exchange income. We can see that from the large number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia. Therefore, we need to show our appreciation for people in the tourism industry. This is one of the reasons for organizing the first Indonesian Travel Business Leader Awards.

This pioneering award night was held in the Ballroom of the JW Marriot Hotel, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Thursday 29/3. A number of notable figures in the tourism industry attended the main event. Also present were Executive Dean of BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL, Firdaus Alamsjah, Ph.D and Chief Executive Officer, Panca R. Sarungu.

BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL had the honor to become the research partner for the award nominees. As the knowledge and research partner, BINUS BUSINESS SCHOOL exclusively created the nomination list for 17 different categories which were judged and scored from an academic point of view.

The categories are: Leader in Travel Technology, Leader in Private-held Tourism Promotion Board, Leader in Outbound Travel Agency, Leader in Boutique Hotel, Leader in Global Chain Hotel, Leader in Museum, Leader in State-owned Tourism Promotion Board, Leader in Ground Transportation, Leader in Cruise Operation, Leader in Independent Spa, Leader in Creative Exhibition Partner, Leader in Bandung Hotel, Leader in Amusement Park, Leader in Social Media Domestic Promoter, Leader in New Chain Hotel and Leader In Luxury Resort.

Taman Safari Indonesia was crowned as Indonesia’s Travel Business Leader in Amusement Parks. The award was presented to the Director of Taman Safari Indonesia, Frans Manansang, for his success in creating policies which  brought the amusement park to the  level of a national tourist attraction.

Firdaus expressed his pleasure in cooperating with Rajamice, the organizer of ITBL Awards 2012. “It’s a very important event. In indonesia, there are areas of travel that have not been very well explored, though there is a lot of opportunity. As we know, Indonesia is very rich in national resources, population and also culture,” Firdaus explained in his speech.

According to Panca R. Sarungu, the Head Committee of ITBL Awards 2012, the purpose of this event is to find leaders who can inspire Indonesians, especially in tourism. “We faced a lot of challenges because this is the first award for people working in tourism. Hopefully this award will be remembered for a long time,” Panca said. (RA)