Cininta Setyami, Hobbies with Profit

Maret 12 , 2012

A string of fun activities brought a load of cash for this young lady. She is now the owner of a very profitable business that makes more than enough for her own allowance. Meet Cininta Setyami, a BINUS INTERNATIONAL student majoring in Accounting.

Currently Cininta is also working on her own production house. “I have a production house under the name of C and Team, which facilitates weddings, video clips and other projects. We provide a photographer, videographer, fashion stylist, make-up artist and many others. I am their consultant and director, and so far my clients still trust me,” Cininta says.

If you’re interested, don’t be afraid of her price tag. Cita is always  flexible when it comes to her tariff. “Clients can provide ideas, concepts and a budget. Afterwards, let me allocate the funds to meet the client’s budget and wishes,” explains the pretty and long-haired girl.

The client list of C and Team is expanding rapidly. She provides services for pre-weddings, graduations, and video clips. Several public figures are also interested in using her service. “I did make-up jobs for the video clips of Ari Lasso, Ariel Tatum, Aura Kasih, Luna Maya and even Agnes Monica,” Cita says. You can see her complete list on

She is still a new kid on the block when it comes to her production house and make-up business. But don’t ask her about her hobby. Cita has been close friends with make-up since she was in elementary school. “The most beautiful make-up of a woman is her passion and back then, I really loved watching my mom doing her make-up and I think my father also agrees with me, ha-ha,” Cita says.

“Basically, I love the make-up world. I love to hunt and find different kinds of make-up tools. I didn’t participate in formal courses and officially, I only had one lesson on how to do make-up. Afterwards, I continued and learned by doing until I mastered my make-up tools,” says the girl who was previously quite active as a dancer and cheerleader. Now, in her spare time she is still modeling.

“Sharing make-up techniques while having many girls around me is one of the best parts of my life,” Cita says. Cita started by teaching  make-up classes. She also became a speaker at a seminar in University of Indonesia’s Flawless Week. In addition, various media have covered her story, including in the Inspiring Woman column.

Eventually, she got more clients. Everyone wants to experience her ‘golden touch’. “Orders were piling up and I had to keep up. Then, I thought, I should make a business out of this,” Cita says.

Her hobby is fulfilled and – it turned out – this business is quite good. However, money didn’t make Cita turn her back on her studies.  “I am concentrating more on my studies. After I am able to graduate and show my certifications to my parents, then I will explore this potential more and find my own way,” Cita stresses.

“The challenge is how to divide my time, between my study and this business. On weekends, I usually give training to my twelve assistants. From Monday to Friday I go to college and fulfill my academic needs, while my assistants work and visit clients. If the situation is like this, once in a while I come, monitor them and perform corrections at the location. However, it’s still better if I can be there in person,” Cita says.

Now, C and Team are expanding their business portfolio. Of course, Cita is playing a major part. She continues to innovate and brings the unique character on her work. “I want to make women look beautiful and age-appropriate instead of strikingly weird. I want them to attain that naturally flawless glow and look natural. Sometimes to look natural we need make-up. That’s my signature look,” she says.

Cita still has other dreams. Someday, she wants to have her own brand, like Victoria’s Secret. “I want to create a make-up brand under the management of C and Team. Not just that actually, but everything that relates to women and make-up needs,” she says.

In the future, Cita is hoping to expand her business through the production house, and getting more public exposure. “I want to tell people that something as basic as this can be infused with creativity and at the same time become profitable. Just like my hobby,” she says.

“In addition, I also have a dream of gathering creative  young people in one entity. This way, they might be able to create something profitable and useful for other people,” she says.

For those who want to build their own business, Cita has several tips. “Do the things you want to do. Sometimes we are faced with two choices: our passion and the thing we don’t like. Now, you should try both choices. In the end, you’ll know your priority and your real passion,” Cita explains. (RA)