Visiting Professors

Dr. Mahmood Ahmed Momin 

Senior Lecturer in Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Dr. Mahmood joined Auckland University of Technology in 2008 as a senior lecturer. Before his present position, he has worked in the School of Accountancy, Massey University New Zealand as a lecturer. His teaching experience also includes teaching at Glasgow University, Scotland [as a tutor] and at the Islamic University of Kushtia Bangladesh as an Assistant Professor.
He is a professionally qualified cost and management accountant, who in 2006, completed his PhD in social accounting from Glasgow University.

Research areas:

• Corporate social responsibility reporting, climate change disclosure, sustainability reporting; and Water disclosure, Workplace Diversity and Corporate governance
• Corporate accountability within globalisation context, governance and gender diversification
• Corporate social accounting from religiosity perspective
• Social Business and social impact

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Dr. Thanh Tan Truong

Lecturer in RMIT University, Australia

Dr. Thanh is a lecturer in Finance at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. He has published in several journal articles and conferences, as well as received grants from Australian Centre for Financial Studies Research Grants on the topic of dividend.

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Prof. Rachel Baskerville

Professor, School of Accounting and Commercial Law in Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Professor Rachel has published extensively and also holds editorial positions in several well-known and reputable journals. She is also a member in several professional organizations, such as CA ANZ and AAA. She also received external research grants, such as from ACCA, ICAS and AICPA & IAASB. She is also actively supervising PhD students.

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Dr. Ulrich Anders

Cologne Business School, Germany

After years in various management and executive positions, after some experience in the area of start-ups, and after some time as a management advisor, Dr. Ulrich now teaches at Cologne Business School (CBS). The subjects that he teaches are from the area of Strategic Management which include financial and digital topics, such as: Mergers & Acquisitions, Financial Analysis, Financial Consulting, (agiles) Project Management, Organizational Design, Digital Network Economy, Digital Strategy Development and App Development in JavaScript.

Strategic Management contains two significant and central tasks: organization and decision taking. In this context, Dr. Ulrich’s research deals with the questions of the compatibility of interests and organizational efficiency. Furthermore, in his research, he poses the question what could be an appropriate organizational form for the entrepreneurial challenges in the 21st century with its (digital) business models. As one potential organizational form, he has conceptionalized the organizational model of a Harmonic Organisation©. In addition to this, he performs scientifical considerations about a process for the sytematic conceptionalizing of products. This process — which he has named Concept Thinking — should also generate and facilitate possibilities for (digital) marketing.

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Prof. Aljoša Valentinčič

Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

Professor Aljoša Valentinčič is a professor of accounting and finance at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana. He received his PhD at the University of Glasgow, UK. He was vice-dean at School of Business and Economics, University of Ljubljana, responsible for research in 2009-2012. He is and has been an active member of the European Accounting Association, including chairing the Standing Scientific Committee. His research is focused on financial reporting processes of private firms, payout policies of public firms and is currently working on a series of papers connecting accounting and finance to neuroscience, cognitive science and psychology. He is a member of editorial boards of and reviews for several accounting journals (European Accounting Review, Accounting & Business Review, Journal of Business Finance).

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