2nd Winner at the 2021 Investment Challenge Competition

Syntha Rachma, Felicia Elvita, and Clara Calista, our 4th semester students, participated in the Investment Challenge 2021 Competition that was held by Binus University and MNC Sekuritas. Many top universities in Indonesia participated in this trading competition. By the end of the competition, their team (Young Dreamers) successfully achieved the 2nd winner of the competition.

There were three stages that participants were required to follow throughout the competition. For the first stage, they were given a certain amount of cash to do virtual trading in the real-time market for one month, using the MNC Trade New application. They needed to buy and sell the stocks that are listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange. At this stage, they were expected to record gains using the initial amount of cash by doing trading.

At the second stage, they got selected as the top 20 teams, together with other teams from well-known Indonesian universities. They were required to make an analysis report for the stocks that they have traded in, as well as their trading strategy. Lastly, at the final stage, the top 10 teams were required to deliver presentations based on their written report. The presentation was conducted in front of the respected judges from MNC Sekuritas, CFA Indonesia, and the IDX, all are experts in the financial industry. Following the presentation, a Q&A session with the judges took place.

We are very proud of our students for their remarkable achievement. One of our students (Clara Calista) also won the best speaker award in the competition. We would like to congratulate them for this wonderful achievement and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours!