The school provides double degree programs, which are designed to meet the basic requirements for students to become accountants in Indonesia as well as overseas. The single degree programs enable students to study Accounting with enhancements from other areas such as Marketing and Information Systems Audit and Assurance.

Study Program Degree Partner
Single Title Double Title
Applied Accounting     SE & B.Com. Curtin
Accounting & Finance     SE & B.Com. TBD
Accounting & International Business     S.E. & B.A. Cologne
Minor in Information Systems Audit & Assurance S.E.      
Minor in Marketing S.E.      

The program offers many non-traditional and unique accounting courses which may not be offered by other schools at other universities. Students of Accounting and Finance may enjoy unique courses such as Information System audit, Financial Modeling, Derivatives, Portfolio Management, or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that lead to professional certification. The school encourages students to be able to work individually as well as to build a spirit of teamwork.

The aim of the Accounting program is to develop students’ competencies in accounting skills, confidence in using information technology, experience in using financial economic tools, development of a good work ethic, and also excellence in intelligent communication to enable them to become leader.

The program provides the best learning experience for students, with small classes (the average is 20 students per class), competent lecturers, and link and match curricula to prepare students for a competitive global market. In addition, the final research project enables students to gain research experience, and may lead to an interest in research should they decide to pursue graduate studies.


The objectives of the program are:

  • To provide students with a strong theoretical knowledge and practical skills in accounting & finance field
  • To equip students with a broad understanding of Information Systems and technologies
  • To prepare students for professional practices by providing skills on  communication
  • To demonstrate effective personal, social, and ethical professional attributes through leadership, teamwork, social responsibility, and basic knowledge of entrepreneurship.
  • To demonstrate capabilities in problem identification, ideas generation, and decision making to improve business environment and practices