Vision & Mission


The International Accounting & Finance (IAF) program strives to become a leading accounting program in South East Asian Region acknowledged by national and international professional and academic bodies.


We are committed to developing people with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes attained by delivering international quality education and relevant research for the advancement of our stakeholders.

Pursuant to this mission, we are continuously aiming to:

  1. Meet stakeholders expectations
  2. Provide academic, professional and service excellence
  3. Promote high quality research
  4. Build strong corporate connections
  5. Gain international recognition and accreditation

The objectives of the program are:

  1. To provide students with a solid foundation of technical knowledge ranging from fundamental principles to state-of-the-art accounting skills and abilities they will need in accounting & finance practice;
  2. To prepare students for professional skills needed to carry out a role as a professional accountant and/or finance professional;
  3. To equip students for professional values, ethics, and attitudes in order to perform a role as a professional accountant and/or a finance professional.
  4. To demonstrate capabilities in creative and critical thinking which involves problem identification, generating ideas, and creating innovative solutions in order to improve current environment and practices.