The 2024 BINUS Implementation Workshop

The 2024 BINUS Implementation Workshop, a presentation of achievements in 2023 and development plans for 2024, was held. In her direction, the Rector of BINUS, Dr. Nelly, S.Kom., M.M., CSCA, emphasized the need for sharpening the implementation of the plans that have been made so that they can realize the objectives set by the existing units at BINUS, including the Finance International Program. She concluded her address by wishing her colleagues at BINUS good luck with their work.
This event is part of BINUS’s ongoing efforts to improve its services and programs.

BINUS university is known for its commitment to implementing information systems to provide better public services1 and has strategic research plans2 in place to support this goal. The Rector’s emphasis on the importance of precise implementation of these plans underlines BINUS’s dedication to achieving its objectives and providing quality education and services to its students.