Youthtopia Webinar and Competition

On 8 October 2022, our program hosted the final round of Youthtopia, a startup pitching competition, in collaboration with Amartha. This event consisted of two sessions: webinar and final round judging phase. The webinar, which carries the theme of impact investment, was presented by Mr. Ahmad Zaki, Amartha’s sustainability program senior manager, and moderated by Mr. Ikhsan Modjo, one of our faculty members. In this webinar, Mr. Zaki shared Amartha’s journey, vision, mission, culture and values, achievements, and steps to promote green financing practices as well es reduce carbon emissions. In addition, Mr. Zaki also shared some tips for young people to be successful in creating a business. All participants in this webinar were also given a funding voucher to open an account in Amartha.

The webinar was followed by the final found judging for the top 5 finalists. During the judging session, each group presented their ideas and answered the questions from the judges. Acting as the judges were Ms. Nistria Harsolumakso from Amartha and Mr. Ikhsan Modjo. The judges reached a conclusion and determined the following winners:

  1. 1st winner: Mentari Intercultural School Bintaro – Abyan Azraf Soewandi, Sarah Ghaisany Triyana, and Nalaprada Kidung Widyadari
  2. 2nd winner: Madrasah Bertaraf Internasional Amanatul Ummah Pacet – Muhammad Ridho Rofiq, Muhammad Ilham Wardhana, Giovanni Apta Chandrawinata
  3. 3rd winner: SPK Saint Peter’s School Jakarta – Nicholas Djunaedi Putra, Odelia Surya, Jessica Gracia Harris, Ashley Kiw
  4. 4th winner: SPK Saint Peter’s School Jakarta – Rowen Matheo Ng, Davies Justine, Justin Wong, Joseph Boanegers, Joel Hermawan
  5. 5th winner: SPK Peter’s School Jakarta – Marvell Aaron Rich, Nathan Alexander, Derren Akeyla Prijatna, Farrell Emanuel Tjhin, Wislie Lim

All winners will receive prize money from Finance International Program, Binus University and 1st – 3rd winners will get funding vouchers from Amartha. Congratulations for all winners!


Mr. Ahmad Zaki delivered the webinar, moderated by Mr. Ikhsan Modjo

Presentation by Madrasah Bertaraf Internasional Amanatul Ummah Pacet team


Presentation by Mentari Intercultural School Bintaro team


Presentation by SPK Saint Peter’s school


Presentation by SPK Saint Peter’s school