Guest Lecture in Intermediate Accounting Class

We welcomed one of our alumni, Christopher Julian, as the guest lecturer in the Intermediate Accounting class on 5 October 2022. Christopher currently works as an auditor in EY Indonesia. The topic discussed during this session was Net Realizable Value of Inventories. The guest lecture session, which was conducted onsite, covered the following aspects:

  1. Brief definition of inventories
  2. Measurement of inventories
  3. Importance of net realizable value of inventories
  4. Differentiating point between net realizable value and fair value
  5. Determining net realizable value
  6. Examples of the application of the lower of cost or net realizable value
  7. Disclosures of the lower of cost or net realizable value measurement in the financial statements

We thank Christopher for his insightful delivery and hope that our students can understand the topic more.