First-Year Program (FYP) Sessions

The first two weeks of September 2022 marked a series of welcoming students for our freshmen (Binusian 2026). Our program hosted several sessions so that the new students can get to know more about the program that they are enrolled in.

  1. 7 September 2022: Curriculum and advisory sessions

We gave an overview of the program’s curriculum and the different tracks that the students could choose. We also arranged an initial advisory session for the students and their respective academic advisors to get to know each other.


  1. 12 September 2022: Alumni sharing and academic experience sessions

One of our alumni, Eric Gunawan, shared his views on the skills set necessary in the finance industry. Eric is currently working as global business development at Korea Investment & Securities Co., Ltd. In addition, we also provided an academic experience session with the topic of Introduction to Time Value of Money, delivered by one of our faculty members Amelia Limijaya.


  1. 13 September 2022: Alumni and seniors’ sharing sessions

We welcomed two of our alumni, Valerie Graciany and Brandon Dago, to deliver sharing sessions. Valerie is currently working as business process excellence in Siloam Hospitals Group, and she shared her thoughts on the accounting and finance expertise needed in relation to business process excellence. While Brandon delivered a session on the topic of fintech startups. Lastly, several students from earlier batches also shared their tips and tricks on making the most of the university life. We thanked Nicholas and Stanley from Binusian 2022 who currently are taking master’s degree program at Macquarie University (one of our partner universities), as well as Michelle from Binusian 2024 who is now studying at the University of New South Wales (also one of our partner universities).


  1. 14 September 2022: Academic experience sessions

We were delighted to welcome Dr. Lurion de Mello from Department of Applied Finance, Macquarie University, to deliver a guest lecture session on the topic of global energy crisis. This session was moderated by Yanthi Hutagaol, PhD., one of our faculty members. Shortly after, another academic experience session was conducted on the topic of macro and microeconomic impacts of Covid-19, delivered by Ikhsan Modjo, PhD., also one of our faculty members.

After held online in the past two years due to the Covid-10 pandemic, we were very glad to finally be able to organise the FYP sessions onsite and meet face-to-face with the students.