Honing Business Mindset through Entrepreneurship Hatchery Course

Our program prepares students to be ahead of the curve in the ever competitive and dynamic financial industry. One of our strengths lies in the shaping of well-rounded graduates that are competent in accounting, business, finance, and technology, all the prerequisites to become a professional in this industry. During their study in our program, our students are also exposed to business-related courses, one of which is Entrepreneurship Hatchery.


On 14 January 2021, our students from Binusian 2023 presented their projects in the Entrepreneurship Hatchery competition. This semester’s competition carries the theme of ‘Leading through Innovation’. The judges of this competition are Dr. Ari Margiono (Head of Center for Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Research at Binus University JWC) and Bapak Indra Adi Kurniawan (Section Head of Entrepreneurship and Incubation at Binus University JWC). It is very pleasing to see that our students can come up with creative and interesting ideas. For example, one group proposed to open a music studio. They also apply their knowledge in accounting and finance in their proposed business by making revenue forecast and ensuring that the business is sustainable in the long run.


This course allows students to apply creative thinking techniques as well as creative alternatives that result in innovative workplace practices. In addition, this course encourages students to valuate and propose strategies for continuous improvements. By taking this course, students will have valuable experience in exploring various business opportunities. They also can improve their collaboration and teamwork skills, as the project is conducted in groups. This course will provide insights for students about what it takes to become an entrepreneur.