Our Students’ Papers

Communication skill, either written or verbal, is one of the most important soft skills to be possessed in the workplace. Hence, we always strive to hone our students’ communication skill during their study here. One of the ways in which students can demonstrate their written communication skill is through writing a research paper, where they are training to convey their ideas in a logical, coherent and cohesive way. In addition, they are practising their research skill as well by trying to find out relevant and reliable sources, this research skill is very much needed in the workplace as well as when they pursue further education. Below are a list of some papers written by our students in Financial Audit class, regarding the topic of artificial intelligence and auditors:

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Human Auditors

Is AI A Threat or Opportunity?

Can Human Auditors be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

The Possibility of Artificial Intelligence Adoption in Heading Human Auditors into Extinction