Pollite: Hybrid Polling System Using Ionic Framework and Firebase

Project Overview

Pollite is a hybrid app for Android, developed using Ionic Framework (ionicframework.com) and Firebase (https://firebase.google.com/). The development team consists of three CS Research Assistants (Albert Darmawan, Ieuan Ignatius, and Ferdi Pratama), with the help from CS Faculty Members. This app is developed in approximately 7 months, and it has been deployed to Google Play Store (http://bit.ly/2hBW5b9). The repository is located at Gitlab private repository (Community Edition), with Albert Darmawan as the repository owner (https://gitlab.com/darmawanalbert/Polite/).

Pollite is an online survey app, where the user can create, distribute, and analyze a polling at ease. It contains several main features, which are:
● User Authentication with email-password combo, Google account, and Facebook account
● Account Registration
● Forgot Password
● Live search
● Browse Polling
● Fill Polling
● Analyze existing Polling
● Create and distribute a new Polling

After a discussion with Mr. Raymond Kosala, we officially terminate this project. There are some features and revisions that hasn’t been implemented, due to various reasons. Some of them are:
● Convert the polling results to various data type, such as .csv or .xls
● Email the polling results to user’s email address
● Better UI for various charts
● Share polling through a link generated by the program
● Desktop version of Pollite, so user can access Pollite across multiple devices

Here are the major activities during the development of Pollite :
March 2016
● Gather business requirements
● Generate list of features
● First prototype using Photoshop and Invision
April 2016
● 1st Meeting with CS Faculty, discuss about main features and the first prototype
● Setup Ionic and Firebase for Development
● Setup Git VCS in Gitlab.com
May 2016
● Develop the Alpha version
● 2nd and 3rd Meeting with CS Faculty, discuss about the current Alpha version and its revision
June 2016
● Develop the Beta version
● Design a brand identity for Pollite
July 2016-September 2016
● 4th and 5th Meeting with CS Faculty, discuss about the current Beta version and its revision
● Submit Pollite to Binus Innovation Awards 2016
● Fixes several bugs
● Develop some additional features
● The project is officially terminated


Brand Identity