Tech Media Talk – Our honoured guests

What is Tech Media Talk?

A FREE event open to the public, sharing the life stories of the most inspiring people of our city! Tech Media Talk is also an intrinsic part of our learning experience at Binus International Communications. You can find many of the short Tech Media Talk speeches in our ‘View our Lectures‘ tab.

“On March 10, BINUS UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL students held a media industry seminar entitled ‘Tech Media Talk’ with the theme ‘From Rockstar to Geek’. The event featured a variety of guest speakers with a musical background who currently work behind the scenes to promote Indonesia’s creative industries. Guests such as Robin Malau from CEO Musikator, Hang Dimas from Langit Data Indonesia, and Irfan Aulia from Massive Music attended.

Each speaker told the story of their lives and careers, and their highs and lows. They shared many of the valuable experiences which led them to their current career.” – (Binus International University)

Since that that first seminar in 2015, more than 25 prominent speakers have visited the campus for the first season alone. You can find their videos on the Tech Media Talk Youtube Channel, some of which we will be also featuring here!

If you know someone amazing who should share their story, get in touch with me at Binus International, or contact:

CristineChristine Gneuss (Head of Program)

AndariAndari Karina Anom (Deputy)

SESSION 1 (March - June 2015)
Session 1: Music - "From Rockstar to Geek"
+Robin Malau
+Irfan Aulia 
+Hang Dimas 
Session 2: Bloggers - "Change your life, Click here"
+Enda Nasution 
+Wilson Santoso 
+Hanny Kusumawati 
Session 3: Sports - "More than Sports"
+Yasha Chatab 
+Ryan Gozali 
+Daniel R Nugroho 
Session 4: Toys, Toys, Toys
+Cipta Croft-Cusworth 
Session 5: From Failure to Success
+Ayla Dimitri 
Session 6: Off the Beaten Path
+Dickie Widjaja 
+Aris Yohanes
+Arvid Yap 
Session 7: IT - "Making Things Happen"
Session 8: Football - Ordinary lives, extraordinary love
 +Achmad Lanang 
+Andibachtiar Yusuf 
+Christian Gunawan
Session 9: Special: Ahmad Fuadi - Everyone Can Be a Writer "Negeri 5 Menara"
+Ahmad Fuadi 
Session 10: Building Your Community
+christian adi Jaya 
+Iskander Zulkarnaen
Session 11: Health 
+Ramdani Siraid

This event was held under great support of Events Management Class (Binusian 2017)
Regularly visited and reported  on by our Media Industry Seminar Class (Binusian 2018)