Student Projects

Here’s a little peek of our projects and assignments from the PR and Communication major. Our lecturers encourage each of one us to learn beyond the walls of our class. Here are some of our work:

Elsa documents her class outing with the IT Centre for the Blind (ITCFB) to Monas, Jakarta’s national monument. The ITCFB is a community for blind people whom has developed various technology to be accessible for them. One particular technology is Screen Reader, which enables your phone to ‘read’ for you. Through this event, ITCFB wants to encourage developers to build apps with all kinds of users in mind, hence accessible applications.


Why are we going back to analog, when we already have an iPhone?

This was a joint project of journalism major of 2017 students, and with the guidance of our lecturer, Erwin Ramedhan the class produced a YouTube video of the significance of analog lens in the digital mobile world.

What drives people to go back to analogue? Rudi the owner of Master Lensa, STC (South Jakarta) explain to you why there’s see an ever increase interest with photographers buying second hand analogue lenses. He’s been in the business way before analogue became a trend.


Poverty Gap in Jakarta 

The 2018 Journalism major batch produced a YouTube video on the poverty gap of Jakarta. This was actually filmed in the nearby neighbourhood of the Binus International University – it showcased the division of social class is never necessarily divided by distance.