Fashion Quotes, The Manifestation of Ichwan Thoha’s Existence

April 03 , 2012

“Fashion. Some people are learning about it. Some others force themselves. Some even manipulate it. But me, I was born with it.” The quote describes Ichwan Toha’s deep love towards fashion, the world he’s been living in. This quote, and many others, are compiled in his first book.

103 Fashion Quotes by Ichwan Thoha is the title of the book. In it, Ichwan Thoha compiles 103 quotes from famous names who inspire him. Fashion designer Chossy Latu, Bastian Gunawan, Sita Subiyakto, actor Fedi Nuril, singer Dewi Sandra, and Aida Nurmala are some of his inspirations.

“Most of the fashion quotes in this book originate from myself, though. That’s why I think this book describes me perfectly. Whatever I write has to be identical with Ichwan Thoha,” the author said. His book review event  was held at BINUS INTERNATIONAL, Joseph Wibowo Center Campus, Senayan, Central Jakarta on Tuesday (3/4).

According to Ichwan Thoha, the book is a manifestation of years of his existence in the fashion world. “This is a tremendous experience. Unlike creating collections, performing, teaching and other activities, this has been my passion since I was very young,” said the lecturer and fashion practitioner.

Ichwan hopes this book will be able to inspire his readers. According to Ichwan, there’s an entertainment and visionary element within the quotes. “I also hope this book will be translated into English and become a guidebook for art and fashion schools,” he said. (RA)