Thousands of Students Participate in AP JA Company of the Year

February 16 , 2012

More than 11 countries sent their high-achieving students to the Asia Pacific Junior Achievement Company of the Year Competition held in BINUS INTERNATIONAL JOSEPH WIBOWO CENTER.

The second annual event of the Asia Pacific Junior Achievement Company of the Year Competition took place in Jakarta, February 15-17, 2012. The purpose of this competition is to create a program where students representing companies from Asia Pacific countries are able to show off their business achievements.

The competition is organized by FedEx, the biggest delivery and transportation company in the world, and the US-based JA Worldwide, the largest organization in the world dedicated to empowering younger generations in order to improve their economic capabilities through entrepreneurship, financial ability and education, creating a better workforce for the industry.

The competition is also supported by BINUS INTERNATIONAL JOSEPH WIBOWO CENTER, PT Prudential Indonesia Assurance, Newmont Mining and the American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia. The competition helps younger generation to understand business in the global economy by allowing students to organize and operate a company’s business and sell products in the real world.

The competition shows JA Company Program students’ achievements in the Asia Pacific region. Students joining JA Worldwide are expected to start and run their own business, supported by several volunteers from their local business communities. These students develop and market products or services to create profit for their stakeholders.

The team is selected from 15 companies from China, Guam, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkmenistan. Each company has 5 representations in the competition. During the three-day program in Jakarta, students are evaluated by a panel of judges which consists of businessmen, academics and representatives from the local business community.

In this competition there are several stages for the students, such as company reports, oral presentations, arrangements and interviews in the company’s booth, interviews with the panel of judges and the company’s commercial video. The presentations and interviews are conducted in BINUS INTERNATIONAL and students from participating companies will be presented on a trade expo at City Walk Mall, which is open to the public.

The panel of judges for this competition comes from global companies, such as Mr. Ahmid ud Deen (Chief Finance Officer of PT Prudential Life Assurance), Mr. Sonny Lambey (Director of PT Chartis Insurance Indonesia), Mr. Daniel Thomson (Private Enterprise Officer Economic Growth Office USAID/Indonesia), Mr. Haryono Tjaharijadi (President Director of Mayapada Bank), Mr. Daniel L. Bellefleur (Policy Advisor of The American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia) and other judges.

Apart from JA Company of the Year Award, students from these companies also compete to win the FedEx Access Award. This token of appreciation from FedEx is given to students who demonstrate their potential to create new jobs, improvine small businesses, expand global improvements and create environmentally-friendly programs.

“FedEx is connecting small business owners, businessmen and multinational companies in 220 different countries and areas. With our support for JA Company of the Year Competition and FedEx Access Award, we provide access to the market for younger generation. In turn, this will boost their opportunity for improvement and prepare them to be successful in global business,” says David L Cunningham Jr., President of FedEx Express of Asia Pacific.

Winner of JA Company of the Year 2012

  • First Winner: Tim Vnique from Thailand
  • Second Winner: Tim ComforT from Turkmenistan
  • Third Winner: Tim Halves e-Books from South Korea

Winner of FedEx Access Award: Y-Craft Team from Singapore

Winner of Social Media Award: Bionic 26 Team from Indonesia